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We hold a VERY large selection with almost 100 different types of tea to choose. Each tea can be enjoyed hot or iced, traditional or blended. We promise you will never be bored with our menu. As soon as you place your order, your tea is prepared for the ultimate amount of freshness and flavor.

Wishing you could take some of our high quality tea home with you? NO PROBLEM! All of our teas are also sold by the ounce.

Want a snack to go along with your tea? We also have a wide selection of pastries and other baked goods for you to munch on.
Tea and Tea is also an up and coming spot for local artist to perform and show off their talents. We host our very own open mic event entitled “Tea and Tea Presents: Center Stage” along with allowing local artist to spotlight an evening where only they perform.

So feel free to stop on by for a visit. We'd love to serve you.

Some question? Contact us!